Peter Lilja

Peter has more than 30 years of experience within the financial sector – specialized in real estate financing, loan origination, underwriting, risk management and building servicing and asset management platforms and leadership.  

Peter formed Heimdal in 2017 – prior to that Peter was heading Situs Nordic Services and a part of Situs’ European leadership and business development team. As Head of Real Estate Nordic in HSH Nordbank, Peter was a part of the team forming Situs Nordic Services based on the overall decision that HSH Nordbank had to wind down their €+4bn real estate loan book in the Nordics. Before joining HSH Nordbank in 2007 Peter served as Vice President in Large Real Estate in Realkredit Danmark and was directly involved in starting the mortgage banks first lending in Sweden. Before that +10 years in traditional banking in Denmark.

+45 29 45 86 01