Heimdal Nordic is a boutique Corporate Finance firm with focus on the credit and real estate industry in the Nordic region. Heimdal Nordic has extensive knowledge of financing, credit and real estate based on a comprehensive network of local and international investors and lenders built over the last decades. 

Heimdal Nordic has broad experience handling and winding down more than DKK 30 billion of non-performing and non-core loans, as well as having reviewed real estate and loan portfolios totalling more than DKK 35 billion over the past 10 years.

A Unique Combination

Heimdal Nordic is a part of Cobblestone Group, which is one of Denmark’s leading full service property management companies. From property management we drawn on a number of operational competencies, a high proximity to the market and extensive empirical data.

The practical understanding of real estate, combined with credit and risk expertise, is a unique combination in the market. We offer a combined set-up able to manage loans, qualitative reporting on potential risks and ultimately handle, value-optimize, develop or wind down underlying collaterals.