Heimdal Nordic is founded by Peter Lilja

Peter has more than 30 years of experience in the financial sector, including the last 17 years with real estate financing in the Nordics, Baltics and Germany, including new lending, credit assessments, restructuring and work out of non-performing real estate loans and -companies within all real estate categories.

Prior to the establishment of Heimdal Nordic, Peter was Managing Director of Situs Nordic Services. Earlier, Peter worked for HSH Nordbank AG, Copenhagen Branch as Head of Origination and Head of Real Estate, and before that in the department for largest customers in Realkredit Danmark.

Since 2011, Peter has been at the forefront of a team that has successfully winded down more than DKK 33 billion in non-performing loans as well as managed and valued loan portfolios of more than DKK 35 billion. The work also included raising and structuring debt, as well as dissemination of property and loan portfolios.

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Peter Lilja, Managing Director

Direct: +45 29 45 86 01, Mail: peter.lilja@heimdalnordic.com

The Myth of Heimdal

Heimdal is one of the most enigmatic gods in Norse mythology. He is known for possessing foreknowledge and having impeccable hearing and eyesight. His abilities make him able to hear the grass grow and see miles ahead, both day and night. Like most birds, he does not need much sleep, which is why in the myths he acts as the guardian of the gods, making sure that no giants sneak into Asgaard. At Ragnarok, he blows the Gjallarhorn so the rest of the gods can prepare for battle. 

About Cobblestone Group

Heimdal Nordic is a part of Cobblestone Group. Cobblestone provide full-service property management, including facility management, company management and maintenance planning to property owners, property funds and property asset managers operating in Denmark. We manage all types of properties, but have special competencies in retail and real estate development projects.

Cobblestone is Denmark’s third largest full service property manager with more than 100 employees, 650,000 square meter investment properties and 11,000 units under management.

About Loan Management

For different reasons, lenders can end up in situations where loans or loan portfolios are no longer considered part of the core business or have become non-performing. Managing these loans or loan portfolios typically requires dedicated focus and competencies, thus shifting focus away from the primary business.

Non-performing loans in particular are very resource-intensive and an excellent example that time does not solve problems. Resources necessary to solve these problems can typically be difficult to reallocate from the organization – or attract when the need arises. Time is most important in this context. A focused and targeted effort is the most worthwhile and loss-minimizing approach to solve the issues with non-core and non-performing loans or loan portfolios.